We make research matter. Our deep understanding of research and policy combined with great writing chops sets us apart. We can interpret a multiple regression analysis and tell a compelling story about why the findings matter.

Because without a story, it’s just a string of facts. And no one is motivated to act by a string of facts.


HiredPen is an amazing resource for academics and researchers eager to get their work out to the informed public. You won't know how you did your work without them.”

Maria KefalasProfessor of Sociology, Saint Joseph's University, Author of Promises I Can Keep: Why Poor Women Put Motherhood Before Marriage

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Barbara Ray has been writing about social policy for more than 20 years.

As founder of HiredPen Inc., Barbara brings deep experience and in-depth understanding of social welfare policy and research. She writes with insights drawn from her experience working with leaders in the field for the last 20+ years. She is the author of several books and chapters, including Not Quite Adults: Why 20-Somethings Are Choosing a Slower Path to Adulthood and Why It's Good for Everyone (Random House, 2010). Prior to founding HiredPen, she held communications positions at several MacArthur Foundation Research Networks, the DHHS-funded Joint Center for Poverty Research, Chapin Hall Center for Children, and as a managing editor at the University of Chicago Press journals division.